Management tips

Introducing new staff members to your clinic and clientele

30 January 2017

The induction process for new staff members shouldn’t only be about introducing your new employee to their colleagues, showing them where to find everything, and making sure they know the rules and regulations. If your new employee is in a client-facing role, you also need to consider how you introduce your new team member to […]

Staffing: what successful business owners do

12 May 2016

Good staffing decisions are vital for a successful clinic. Though you may have a management team to run day-to-day operations, as the business owner you must also provide leadership if you wish to steer your business to your end goals. Successful business owners don’t simply sit back and watch their staff do their duties, they […]

Ten tips for becoming a great people manager

21 March 2016

When you make the move into managing a team of people, it may first appear to be relatively straightforward. You’re no longer doing the ‘doing’, you’re just delegating tasks and telling people how well they’re doing them, right? Unfortunately, it rarely ends up being that simple, as effective people management is far more complex. When […]

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