Job satisfaction

Promoting staff members

7 August 2017

When a management position becomes vacant, it may seem like a sensible decision to hire someone who has been in a comparable role. You would have the reassurance that your new employee looks to have proved themselves capable of those duties already, and you may not need to invest that much time in training. Though […]

Employee benefits – what should you offer?

22 April 2016

Staff members who feel they are appreciated by their employer are more likely to put in extra effort, be loyal, and help to create a positive working atmosphere. When deciding which benefits you will be offering your staff, you will need to consider what will be an attractive package to new employees, what will be fair […]

Are you happy in your job?

14 March 2016

Do you feel a pang of jealousy when a friend proclaims how much they love their job? Do you count down the hours, minutes and seconds until the weekend and dread every Monday morning? While these signs clearly point to job dissatisfaction, dealing with the situation is not as straightforward as simply handing in your […]

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