Should my CV have a personal touch, or should it just contain facts and figures?

17 November 2016

When putting together your CV, it may not be easy to work out how best to present yourself, given that there is no definitive CV template that applies to all workers. You may turn to friends and colleagues, or to online help articles for advice, but you may get conflicting opinions on what you should and shouldn’t […]

Five reasons you didn’t get a response to your job application

13 June 2016

It can be very disheartening to receive no response when you’ve applied for a job that looks perfect for you. It may only be that your application was sent a bit too late, but it’s worth checking a few key points to see whether your application was as strong as it could be. One of […]

Job applications: how to stand out from the crowd

1 March 2016

Have you ever applied for a job that appeared to match your skills perfectly, but never got called to interview? You may have been unlucky as your application may have arrived a bit too late, as job adverts often stay online until someone has accepted an offer for that role. It’s also possible that your application didn’t […]

How to filter job applications and not miss a great candidate

15 February 2016

  If you ended up being disappointed at interview by the applicants you selected, it may not be that the right people just aren’t out there. A typed application doesn’t present you with an in-depth person specification and a guarantee of aptitude. Think about the person behind the application, before you delete it for that […]

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