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How to hold on to your clinic’s greatest asset – your staff

9 March 2016

Whether your clinic is a brand-new start-up venture or a long-established business, you will need to hire and retain a dedicated team of loyal, talented and professional staff in order to achieve and sustain long-term success. Your clinic may be based at a prestigious address, with an immaculate interior filled with the latest and best […]

Staff search: finding experienced practitioners for your clinic

1 March 2016

Have you been struggling to find a clinician who fits the bill? Before admitting defeat, take a step back and take a good look at who you’re looking for, and how you are going about looking for that person. Are you asking for the impossible? Could you compromise on certain ‘wants’ that aren’t exactly ‘needs’? […]

Staffing a start-up

24 February 2016

You may have what you believe to be a unique idea and an infallible business plan, but to get that plan off paper and into reality, you’ll need help from a great team, and a team who understand and believe in your plan as much as you do. For a start-up business, putting the right team in […]

How to filter job applications and not miss a great candidate

15 February 2016

  If you ended up being disappointed at interview by the applicants you selected, it may not be that the right people just aren’t out there. A typed application doesn’t present you with an in-depth person specification and a guarantee of aptitude. Think about the person behind the application, before you delete it for that […]

How to write job adverts #2: Defining who and what you need

9 February 2016

  Drafting a job advert may seem like a pretty straightforward task. You name and describe your role, you give some details on requirements, you list the salary and benefits, then post the advert online and wait for the applications to roll in. You do that for every new vacancy, and every time you have […]

How to write job adverts #1: Make the advert attractive

9 February 2016

When you last advertised for a new member of staff, did you get the response you expected? More so, did you get a number of great applicants sending in their CVs soon after posting your advert? If your answer to both of these questions is ‘no’, then it might be that, rather than the right […]

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