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Promoting staff members

7 August 2017

When a management position becomes vacant, it may seem like a sensible decision to hire someone who has been in a comparable role. You would have the reassurance that your new employee looks to have proved themselves capable of those duties already, and you may not need to invest that much time in training. Though […]

Working hours: the importance of a fair work-life balance

24 July 2017

When you are running a busy clinic that opens six days a week, perhaps with late opening hours on some days, managing your staffing rota may not be a straightforward task. You may want your most-requested clinician to be available for patients when needed, or your clinic manager to be on-hand to keep every day […]

Introducing new staff members to your clinic and clientele

30 January 2017

The induction process for new staff members shouldn’t only be about introducing your new employee to their colleagues, showing them where to find everything, and making sure they know the rules and regulations. If your new employee is in a client-facing role, you also need to consider how you introduce your new team member to […]

What are the best questions for employers to ask at interview?

21 November 2016

When preparing to interview potential new employees for your clinic, how do you prepare your key questions? Do you return to the same set you’ve been using for years? Do you search online for a set you can copy? Or, do you get creative and think up something completely original? However you put your interview […]

Recruitment agency fees explained

25 October 2016

Perhaps you have a small, busy team and can’t free up the time of an employee so they can be dedicated to sourcing your new staff member. Perhaps you’ve already spent a good deal of time searching and have failed to find someone who is a good fit. Or, it could be that you need […]

Staffing: what successful business owners do

12 May 2016

Good staffing decisions are vital for a successful clinic. Though you may have a management team to run day-to-day operations, as the business owner you must also provide leadership if you wish to steer your business to your end goals. Successful business owners don’t simply sit back and watch their staff do their duties, they […]

Employee benefits – what should you offer?

22 April 2016

Staff members who feel they are appreciated by their employer are more likely to put in extra effort, be loyal, and help to create a positive working atmosphere. When deciding which benefits you will be offering your staff, you will need to consider what will be an attractive package to new employees, what will be fair […]

Conflicts and complaints, mistakes and misconduct: how to handle staff problems effectively

11 April 2016

A happy team of employees who work well with each other, and perform their duties efficiently and skilfully, is every clinic owner’s ideal scenario. If your recruitment process and staffing policies all work as you planned, then this will hopefully be the case, but you cannot expect to foresee every possible problem that may arise. […]

Ten tips for becoming a great people manager

21 March 2016

When you make the move into managing a team of people, it may first appear to be relatively straightforward. You’re no longer doing the ‘doing’, you’re just delegating tasks and telling people how well they’re doing them, right? Unfortunately, it rarely ends up being that simple, as effective people management is far more complex. When […]

Staff training – how much should you provide?

14 March 2016

Training staff members can be a costly and time-consuming exercise, but the benefits to your business are likely to be worth the outlay. Investing in training is investing in your business. As your employees become more skilled and knowledgeable, the services you provide will become more refined and your clinic’s offering will be of the […]

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