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Your presence online: how it can affect your career prospects for better or worse

11 April 2016

Today it is virtually impossible for your name to not show up in search engine results, even if you avoid social media, so it is important to consider how you appear online. Is it best to spend your time trying to remove all references to yourself? Should you work on fine-tuning what is already public? […]

Realistic salary expectations

21 March 2016

After diligently searching job boards and googling for days, checking and double-checking company vacancy pages and signing up for all the email alerts under the sun, you finally find a perfect job spec that screams “I’m yours!” You breathe a sigh of relief and quickly open your email to get your application sent. Then you […]

Are you happy in your job?

14 March 2016

Do you feel a pang of jealousy when a friend proclaims how much they love their job? Do you count down the hours, minutes and seconds until the weekend and dread every Monday morning? While these signs clearly point to job dissatisfaction, dealing with the situation is not as straightforward as simply handing in your […]

Do all jobs in aesthetics clinics require sales skills?

9 March 2016

Though there are some parallels between private and public healthcare providers, private clinics are independent businesses that rely on paying customers to survive, and to be able to expand and grow. Paying clients provide the revenue needed to pay staff wages and equip the clinic, and potentially the profit to be able to increase the […]

Job applications: how to stand out from the crowd

1 March 2016

Have you ever applied for a job that appeared to match your skills perfectly, but never got called to interview? You may have been unlucky as your application may have arrived a bit too late, as job adverts often stay online until someone has accepted an offer for that role. It’s also possible that your application didn’t […]

How to find the best job vacancies and get your CV to the right people

24 February 2016

When you’ve made the decision that it’s time to look for a new job, you’re probably going to feel mixed emotions – the excitement of moving onto pastures new, and the anxiety of trying to find an inspiring role. You may get lucky and find your perfect role in no time at all, or, you may be […]

How to become … an aesthetic therapist

15 February 2016

Aesthetics is the next step up the ladder for a beauty therapist, as the thriving industry offers many employment opportunities, and you’re likely to earn a better salary with commission on top. As there are many trained aestheticians out there looking for a new job, you can’t expect to jump straight into a senior role […]

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